Facilities (3)

Kinanngo TVC is an Electrical and Electronics center of excellence, This simply means that all skills partaining the electrical field is taken very serious from our top range electrical installation training equipments to electronics training modules we ensure that all relevant skills are availed for the time you investyour time in our college DOn't take our word for it come learn equip yourself and be able to become competitive in the field both in Kenya and outside

Our computer is one of the best we take pride in being the leading college with machine that can take all the load from multimedia production to CAD The college is grounded on research and the world wide web is connected 24/7 both in the lab and on the college at large with our powerful wifi transmitters all this is to make sure that whatever is lacking whether in skills partaining programnming or information is fully filed

Information is the core to any skill our library is equipped with all the resources for both online and offline content consumption from book journals to updated softwares on our installed PCs, we ensure that everything required is at your disposal the library is spacious to accomodate all students in need of educational nourishment we constantly update the resources to remain relevant in the dynamic knowledge oriented world welcome