Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

HOD Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Mr. Joshua Nzioka .

Kinango Technical and Vocational College is a center of Excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Electrical and electronics engineering has two main specialization options Power and Electronics. It is a discipline area that the College prides itself with a state of art workshop machinery and equipment where non -active components electron semiconductor are utilized to design electronics circuit and system. The College has embraced a broad engineering field that includes important subjects like electronics, electrical Installation and Industrial Automation.

It has a lab common for all the levels of students in the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering that is Diploma, Craft and Artisan. In this lab, students learn about basic testing instruments like digital multimeter, CRO, DSO. This lab is very helpful to understand the working and behavior of rectifiers, flip flops, transistors, displays & logic gates at initial level. We are committed to provide industry tailored skills in technology for international competitiveness.